Ventilation / HEPA

From the world's largest manufacturers of commercial, industrial, and residential air filters, DANMIL A/S offer a wide variety of products for removing and controlling airborne contaminants.

Because the need for clean air is universal, DANMIL supply air filters for use in all types of filtration systems regardless of the original manufacturer. The scope of applications is unlimited and ranges from HEPA filtration for electronics and pharmacerutical manufacturing, to preventing the spread of infection in hospitals, to protecting heating and cooling coils in air handing systems.

DANMIL A/S is a company with an outstanding, long established industry record. The caliber of our customer base and the diversity of their air filtration requirements enable us to provide products and systems based on a broad industry perspective. Superior industry knowledge and an outstanding team of indoor air quality professionals means our customers reciebe top quality products and services at a competitive cost.

DANMIL A/S is among the leading suppliers of clean air filters on the Scandinavian market. We have been delivering clean air for over 25 years.


Greve Main 42 / 2670 Greve / Denmark

Tlf.: +45 70 10 10 30


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