Compressed Air/Gas

Deciding on the correct filter element to use within your operation can have huge implications.

Quality must be your number one priority. Substandard elements can cause corrosion, contamination and heap unnecessary operating costs onto your business.

Our filters are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials. Proven production techniques guarantee superior retention capacity of impurities, sustained performance and a long service life.

Filters from DANMIL A/S ensure continuous high efficiency with minimal operating pressure loss during the whole of their life cycle. The materials of construction - stainless steel, glass microfibre, plastics - are selected to ensure they offer no potential for downstream contamination.

As filtration specialists DANMIL A/S can supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of alternative filter elements, air/oil separators and vacuum pump separators on the market today.

All alternatives perform ‘equal to or better' than the original manufacturers filter elements and are manufactured in accordance with manufactured in accordance with ISO8573-1:2010 (E)

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