Oil / Fluid Power

The DANMIL A/S Hydraulic filter programme is comprehensive and under constant development.

Besides our own unique design and constant development we also include a range of interchangeable elements to most of the known brands with the DFP II media.

DANMIL DFP II is our newest generation of Micro Glass high-performance fiber media.

DANMIL DFP II has an optimum pore size disposition, an improved dirt holding capacity due to a smaller diameter of the fibres and a larger surface than traditional hydraulic filters.

Other media available like,

  • Water removal
  • Wire mesh
  • Stainless micro fiber
  • Cellulose


Greve Main 42 / 2670 Greve / Denmark

Tlf.: +45 70 10 10 30

E-mail: danmil@danmil.dk

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